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Pleasant Lightscapes is the Bradenton/Sarasota area’s most trusted provider of full home landscape lights. From lighting design to installation and repair, you can trust our experts to take care of all your landscape lighting needs. We have years of experience and have provided upscale lighting design for many of the area’s most luxurious homes.

You put a lot of time and effort into beautifying your home, but does it stand out when the sun goes down? Professionally designed landscape lighting will showcase your home’s natural beauty while also improving its safety and security.

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Professional Landscape Light Design

Properly designed landscape lighting is truly a work of art. Our lighting design experts understand exactly how the positioning of lights and variations in lamp color, intensity, focus, and proximity combine to create an awe-inspiring effect. From artfully lighting trees to using brightness and shadow to create dramatic effects around your home, you’ll be amazed by what we can do with lights. While many companies can install full home landscape lights, a designer’s professional touch makes all the difference!

Before we complete your installation, we’ll begin by assessing your home, discussing your goals, and learning more about your unique style. Then, we’ll present a custom landscape lighting plan for approval. Once approved, our professional installation team will implement the plan using premium-quality materials.

Whether you’re looking for full-home landscape lights or a specific project, you can count on our lighting design experts to exceed your expectations!

creating an upscale look with curb lighting

Enhancing Curb Appeal

Many homeowners put a lot of time into perfecting their landscaping, manicuring their lawns, and decorating their homes. While your curb appeal may be just fine during the day, without landscape lighting, it will disappear into the night.

Adding professionally designed full-home landscape lights is one of the best ways to impress your guests and become the envy of your neighbors. Proper lighting draws attention to your home’s unique landscaping and architecture. It also makes your home appear warmer and more welcoming, which is a major factor in creating curb appeal.

Professionally designed and installed full-home landscape lights will draw attention to your home’s unique features and give it a decidedly upscale look. Artfully lighting your home allows you to showcase the parts you’re most proud of and ensures it will look its best at any time of the day or night. 




Safety and Security

While landscape lighting is designed to make homes more appealing, it can also make it less appealing… to would-be intruders. By illuminating dark areas of your yard, you’ll make it more difficult for potential criminals to lurk unseen. Professional lighting design makes your home feel safer while also preventing shadowy areas where intruders like to hide.

Lighting sidewalks and pathways also helps visitors find their way. This reduces the chances that they’ll slip, trip, or walk into a low-hanging branch. Not only do well-lit paths help avoid unnecessary injury, but it also ensures your guests feel safe, comfortable, while they walk to and from your beautifully lit home. 

Frequently Asked Questions


While your energy consumption will depend on the lighting design you choose, it’s unlikely you’ll see much of an increase in your electricity use. Most of our designs use low-voltage LED lights, so you’ll enjoy both energy-efficiency and long-term cost savings.

Yes! Full-home landscape lights increase your curb appeal and make your home safer. These factors both contribute to your home’s resale value. In fact, according to the National Association of REALTORS®, many homeowners see as much as a 50% return on their investment after installing landscape lighting.

If you accidentally damage landscape lighting while mowing the lawn or something stops working, don’t worry! We’re also a landscape lighting repair company. Just give us a call and we’ll have your system working like new in no time!

No! One of the advantages of hiring a professional to install your landscape lighting is that we know exactly how to position your lights so they don’t impact other homes nearby. However, we can’t guarantee your neighbors won’t be green with envy when they see your gorgeous new landscape lights!   

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