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Professional Garden and Path Landscape Lighting Services

Like most property upgrades, your landscape lighting requires occasional maintenance. Florida’s heat and humidity can cause your fixtures to corrode. Other issues like damaged lights, cut lines, and broken fixtures are common. Tree and plant growth can also cause your lights to shift. This often decreases the performance and impacts the overall aesthetics of your landscape lighting system.

When you have a problem with your landscape lighting, you need a professional you can trust. Whether you’re dealing with cut wiring, broken fixtures, or transformer issues, the experts at Pleasant Lightscapes are here to help. We can quickly and efficiently repair your system, restoring it to its former beauty.


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Landscape Lighting Repair

Just like your indoor lights, your landscape lighting can sometimes have simple issues like blown bulbs or fuses that need to be replaced. Florida’s harsh weather can also lead to corrosion, fixture damage, and other serious problems. When you’re dealing with a large landscape lighting system, even a small repair can turn into a hassle without professional help. Since they involve electrical systems, it’s also a good idea to leave your landscape lighting repairs to the pros. 

You can count on our experts to thoroughly assess your system and locate any potential issues. Once we know what we’re dealing with, we’ll give you a fair and honest estimate for the cost of repair. We can also assist with upgrading your bulbs, replacing old fixtures, and troubleshooting a wide array of landscape lighting issues.

Your outdoor lighting is a vital part of your property. Don’t let it fall into disarray! We’ll help you keep your landscape lighting looking as good as it did the day you had it installed. Contact us today to schedule your repair consultation.


Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Regular landscape lighting maintenance will ensure optimal performance and help you avoid costly repairs. When you sign up for our ongoing maintenance plan, we’ll check your system for damages and proactively make repairs as needed. This will help ensure that small issues don’t turn into major problems.

We’ll also keep your system looking like new by replacing bulbs, cleaning your components and lenses, and adjusting the lights. Our maintenance service also includes removing debris that’s interfering with your lighting and cutting back plant overgrowth from around your fixtures.

We offer landscape lighting maintenance services to a variety of local customers ranging from small lighting projects to large estates. No matter what type of lighting you have, keeping up with your maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of your system. Once you’re a Pleasant Lightscapes maintenance customer, you’ll receive scheduled maintenance calls and also enjoy priority service for emergencies and other requests.

You’ve put a lot of time and money into making your landscaping look great – let us help you keep it that way! Contact us today to learn more.


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