Pool and Patio
Landscape Lighting


Pool and Patio Landscape Lighting

Artfully installed pool and patio landscape lighting will enhance the natural beauty of your home while showcasing the unique features of your backyard design. The experts at Pleasant Lightscapes have completed thousands of lighting projects for luxury homes throughout the Bradenton/Sarasota area. We pride ourselves on creating timeless, elegant lighting designs that capture the essence of each home’s unique style.

We offer a full range of services from lighting design to installation and repair. No matter what you need, you can count on our technicians to provide you with friendly, courteous service and an experience that far exceeds your expectations.


versatile patio lighting solutions

Patio Landscape Lights

Adding landscape lighting to your patio allows you to enjoy your backyard space well into the night. It also improves the area’s safety and security. We specialize in versatile pool and patio landscape lighting designs that work perfectly in every situation. From bright security lights to soft mood lighting, we’ll create a system that provides you with the right kind of light, when and where you need it. 

Make an unforgettable impression on your guests by adding the perfect mixture of decorative and landscape lighting around your patio space. Our expert designers will show you how to brighten your patio while also creating visual interest. The right patio landscape lighting will spice up the night with layered effects and other exciting lighting tricks. We provide high-quality, luxury lighting and an attention to detail that guarantees your patio lighting project is everything you dreamed it would be.

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Lanai Landscape Lights

A well-lit lanai creates the perfect transition between indoor and outdoor living. From your main seating areas to the darker corners of your lanai, we’ll show you how artfully placed lighting can extend your living space. Our expert designers use sleek, modern, and highly durable landscape lighting to create a relaxing ambiance without detracting from the beauty of your lanai.

You’ll be amazed at how the right lighting design can transform a normal lanai into a luxurious backyard oasis. We offer creative lighting designs and professional installation to perfectly compliment your home. A warm, welcoming outdoor space begins with choosing the right lighting. Once we install your lanai landscape lights, you’ll soon find that it becomes your favorite place to relax well into the night


incorporating water resistant lights

Pool landscape Lights

Landscape lighting enhances the beauty of your pool while also improving safety. Not only will the right lighting give your pool a tropical, resort-like feel, but it can help avoid unnecessary accidents.

When the sun starts to go down, the pool party doesn’t have to end! Your pool landscaping lighting will help ensure guests won’t slip, trip, or fall.

From drawing attention to water features to creating lit pathways from your pool to the home, there are many ways to use lighting to enhance your pool area. Our pool and patio landscape lighting designs incorporate water resistant and weatherproof lights that can withstand rain, sprinklers, and chlorinated water with ease.

In addition to the immediate pool area, many luxury homes add lighting fixtures to the surrounding landscape. This brightens up the backyard and showcases the beauty of nearby trees, shrubbery, and garden beds. When it comes to pool lighting design, your only limit is your imagination!

Frequently Asked Questions


In most cases, you shouldn’t notice much of a change in your electric bill. Most of our pool and patio landscape lighting uses LEDs, which are low-voltage and burn fewer watts than traditional halogen bulbs.

When you hire Pleasant Lightscapes, our professional lighting designers will begin by assessing your space and learning more about your personal style and your budget. Then, we’ll work with you to create a recommendation for a stunning lighting installation that meets your goals and provides you with a gorgeous end result.

While we provide expert design recommendations, we also listen closely to our customers’ requests. At the end of the day, you’ll always have the final say. Our ultimate goal is to create a beautiful design that perfectly reflects your unique style and exceeds your expectations.

There are plenty of DIY kits you can use to install your own pool and patio landscape lighting. However, using our professional services ensures you’ll enjoy expert lighting deign and proper installation. Our hundreds of satisfied customers agree that our results are well worth the cost.