7 Types of Landscape Lights for Your Home

Are you interested in adding landscape lighting to your home? The first step in the process is choosing the lighting that fits your needs best. There are many different types of landscape lighting out there, and here are some of the best ones to consider for your home.

1. Spotlights

Spotlights shine light on a specific feature of your landscaping. For example, they can shine on a piece of art or statuary, or you can use a spotlight to illuminate a wall or patio. Some homeowners will even shine a spotlight on a particular plant they want to highlight.

2. Flood Lights

Flood lights are bright and cover a wide area. These work well to illuminate driveways and patios that are areas you will enjoy after dark and need high visibility. Flood lights also work well as security lighting, especially when paired with a motion detector. They flood the area with light, which can send a potential thief packing.

3. Step Lights

Step lights add illumination to steps to encourage safety after dark. They can be mounted on the wall on the side of the stairs or on the face of the stairs to illuminate it from the front. Either way, the goal is to light up the stairs so you can navigate them safely.

4. Garden Lights

Garden lights sit on short poles and illuminate the garden space. They are beautiful lights and they can showcase your favorite plants. The light spreads out and down from the light pole, creating a pleasing glow over the plants at a wide angle below the light.

5. Bollard Lights

Bollard lights sit on a pole but do not have a cover or shield. This allows the light to shine in all directions, including both up and down. These are great lights to place along a pathway so people can see where they are walking.

6. Up Lights

Up lights are mounted on fences and walls to shine light upward. They can make the house look gorgeous from the street, lighting particular areas. They can also shed light on statuary.

7. Down Lights

Down lights shine down on the ground from a higher point. These work well on decks and fences where you want to light the area below so you can have a useful space.

Are you hoping to add landscape lighting to your home? Pleasant Lightscapes can help you choose the right one for your design ideas. Our design and installation team is ready to help you select the right lights that will enhance your outdoor living space well. Contact us today to get started on your outdoor lighting design.

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