Landscape Light Trends for 2022

Lighting up your landscape might seem useless if you only use the garden in the daytime. However, with lights, you will be able to use your garden no matter the time of day. 

Using trendy landscape lighting options will make your garden more attractive, which will entice you out there. Therefore, you can attain a beautiful garden while being encouraged to use it more. 

On that note, here are the top landscape light trends to know about.

Energy-efficient lighting

No matter what type of landscape lights you are into, using energy-efficient lighting will be trendy. The energy-efficiency industry is exponentially growing, both financially and in customers’ interest, due to the reduced consumption of energy. 

Many solar lights are inexpensive to buy as well as use. They generate power and energy from the sun. Therefore, you won’t need to spend extra money to light up your landscape.

Path Lighting

A well-lit pathway is super trendy right now, and likely always will be due to the benefit of being able to see more when you walk through the landscape at night. 

Pathway lighting is stylish and a great way to cast shadows throughout the garden at dusk. It can make any garden look more expensive and striking. Likewise, they prove to be handy in improving safety so that you can see when walking down the muddy tracks or stoned paths.

Should you want something extravagant and professional-looking, it is a good idea to hire a landscape lighting expert who can design and embed the lights for you.


Downlights are making a comeback and are a great way to subtly light up your landscape. These lights create larger pools of light from a height. Therefore, the lights won’t hinder your garden’s space and size. 

You can use downlights hanging over a porch, in the corner of your garden, or above the driveway to enhance convenience and safety at nighttime.  

Smart Lighting

Another trend that is growing in popularity is the use of smart lights outside. These are practical and highly technical, which is ideal for those who love a modern home. 

Smart lights can be controlled by the click of a button on a mobile device or remote control. You can even turn them on when you are not home, which can increase security and also ensure your home is well-lit for your arrival. Using smart lights with energy-efficient bulbs is a super modern way of lighting up your garden without overspending. 

Using these landscape light trends, you can elevate your garden and make it a more usable space no matter the time of day. It will look more modern and much more appealing in the evening, which will enhance the appearance of your overall home. 

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