8 Places to Install Landscape Lighting Around Your Home

Well-placed landscape lighting can add value to your home and give it a decidedly upscale look. Not only will lighting increase your nighttime curb appeal, but it can also improve safety and security and highlight your property’s best features.

When planning your landscape lighting design, it’s important to look at your property as a whole. Here are a few of the best places to install lighting.

1. Around Your Home

Your home is the centerpiece of your property, and it should be the main focal point of your landscape lighting design. Strategically placing different types of landscape lights around your home will allow you to highlight interesting architectural features and enhance your property’s overall appeal.

2. Entrance Points

Safety is one of the primary reasons for adding landscape lights to your property. Lighting pathways, stairs, and entrances will help avoid potential injuries as you and your guests navigate your way to and from your home. Well-lit entryways and driveways can also help deter would-be criminals who prefer to skulk around in the shadows.

3. Porches and Patios

Another important purpose of outdoor lighting is to make your spaces more usable. Installing landscape lighting around your porches and patios can create a relaxing ambiance and bring the space to life for nighttime entertaining.

4. Trees and Bushes

Using light to draw attention to trees and bushes can go a long way towards creating a beautiful curb appeal. If you have a large, magnificent tree on your property, don’t miss the opportunity to add some extra sparkle.

5. Gardens and Flower Beds

Low-voltage lights are great for enhancing the natural beauty of gardens and flower beds. Adding a spotlight to your garden is also an excellent way to highlight specific features, like a trellis of prized flowers or a beautiful statue.

6. Lawn Decorations

Landscape lighting is also excellent for highlighting decorative features on your property. This may include a flagpole, a birdbath, or other type of centerpiece arrangement.

7. Water Features and Ponds

Not only will lighting bring additional beauty to your water features and ponds, but it will also provide extra safety. Lighting positioned outside a water feature will create a dramatic effect while underwater lighting creates a warm, inviting glow.  

A well-lit pond will also create an extremely relaxing vibe, where you and your guests can watch the fish swim and enjoy the sounds of a trickling waterfall.

8. Swimming Pools

Lighting your swimming pool will prevent people from falling into the water and can make your entire pool area far more inviting. When lighting your pool area, you’ll want to focus on the pool itself, the patio, and the surrounding landscaping. If the area has a fire pit, pergola, outdoor kitchen or other features, proper lighting will highlight them as well.

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